What are the must-have features for eCommerce sites

What are the must-have features for eCommerce sites, How can a website help your business in 2021

There is no denying that most aspiring online business owners would greatly love to have an eCommerce website design that is flexible, creative, and yet very attractive.  Many features must be available when building a website for an online store. These features will include shopping carts, forums, blogs, and more. By taking a look at the features offered by a website Development Company it can be easier to determine which of these are needed in a site. A web development company can use a variety of different methods when choosing features for a site. Taking a look at some of the options can help you decide which features are needed.

  1. Design and Theme

Flexibility in terms of design and theme is perhaps one of the most important things that you should consider when looking for the right eCommerce Web Design package. It is quite understandable that as a budding entrepreneur, you are looking to make a name in the eCommerce industry. And as such, you must be very clear on the kind of features that you want your website to have. Needless to say, having the right kind of eCommerce Web Design features will help in making your site’s presence known on the world wide web.

  1. Security Measures:

One of the most important features for eCommerce websites would be security measures. After all, it is very easy for hackers to access your website’s databases if they have access to your web servers. To avoid this from happening, you must ensure that your database and the information contained therein are protected at all times.

  1. Customer Support

Another must-have feature for all eCommerce websites would be customer support. No matter how wonderful your products or services are, if your customers are having issues with them, then you run the risk of losing the trust of your loyal customers. Therefore, you must provide adequate customer support that will solve whatever issue your customers are having. As such, it would be best that your website contains FAQs and articles that will address the most common questions of your readers. In addition to that, you should also include a live chat option where your customers can easily contact you to clarify any issues that they might have.

  1. Payment options

One other must-have feature is the payment options. You should make sure that you have implemented payment options that are not only secure but convenient for your customers. Among the most common methods of payment that you can have to include PayPal and Google Checkout. Of course, it is also important that you have effective shipping and returns policy in place to avoid unnecessary expenses.

  1. Analytics and statistics

However, some of the most important features that cannot be neglected include analytics and detailed statistics. Without having these kinds of features, your website will not be able to provide you with the necessary analysis regarding how your visitors utilize your services. For instance, without the ability to track where your visitors go once they have visited your site, you won’t be able to know whether or not these people are satisfied with your services. Likewise, the statistics provided by these analytics will help you determine the performance of your products and/or services in terms of conversion. Hence, your website must have all the features mentioned above.

  1. Payment gateway feature

Those who are just starting their online businesses often overlook one important feature that must be included in their website. This is the payment gateway feature. Without this, your website will never receive any online commerce because no one will be able to purchase products or services from your site. Thus, you must take note of this important feature when planning to build your eCommerce site.

  1. Shopping cart

The number one thing that a person looking to put an online store needs is a shopping cart. It is vital that all the features that are used in the site be easy to use. When a customer tries to go online to look for a product and clicks the buy it now button, it needs to be able to process the request. Having a shopping cart makes it easy for customers to complete this transaction. Having a website that is easy to use, makes a site more appealing to customers.

  1. Special text feature

Another feature that a web development company will consider is the ability for users to add their text. When a customer wants to find out what a specific item looks like it is important to have a feature that allows them to do so. When a customer types in the item name and the size it should give a clear description of what the item looks like. Adding content to a website is easy to do and many companies offer the ability to add this type of functionality. If the website has video, it should be easy to turn on and off. Some companies offer different options when it comes to turning on and off videos.

  1. Shot form feature

Forms can also be a major feature of an online site. By creating a feature that allows a user to input all of their personal information it makes the process of buying easier. A web development company may suggest a form that allows a customer to enter their shipping and return information. Having an easily accessible secure site that requires the customer to fill out a short form before buying will make the transaction go by much faster.

  1. Newsletter sign-up box

Another feature that many web developers create for their clients is a newsletter sign-up box on the home page. If you have a website that sells products, you can provide a feature that allows a website visitor to sign up for your email newsletter. This newsletter can be sent out at any time during the day or night. It gives the site visitor a chance to receive a little more information about the products you are selling on your website.

  1. Track your order

There are a few other things they may suggest as well, such as allowing the website visitor the ability to track their orders online. This is one of the attractive features. Many other ideas include adding a review area to the website or tracking keywords that are used on the website.

  1. Search Box

You can also include features such as a search box to simplify the process of purchasing your goods. This feature will not only provide ease of operation to your visitors but will also help in building a solid reputation for your e-commerce enterprise.

Many other features can be added to your website but these are just a few. You should ask your web development company for a full list of the features they would be able to add to your site and customize. Knowing what the must-have features for e-commerce websites are will help you find a web developer who can provide you with the best quality products at the lowest cost. The web development company will be able to design a website that will be beneficial to your company. So, this is a question you need to answer.

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